Student and Career Services: Peer Mentor Program

Peer mentors are assigned to both day and evening students. Each Peer Mentor is an upper-level law student who strives to assist new law students to have a fun, successful, and engaging law school career.

The primary goals of the Peer Mentor program are to:

  1. Support first-year law students as they transition to law school;

  2. Help first-year law students navigate the law school and make the most of the many opportunities available at CSU College of Law;
  3. Foster a sense of community and camaraderie throughout the first-year law student class.

Peer Mentors provide the following assistance to 1L law students:

  1. Help find the answers to questions in CSU College of LAw and Cleveland State University publications;
  2. Provide information about opportunities and academic pursuits outside of the classroom.

If you have questions about the Peer Mentor Program, please contact careernull@law.csuohio.nulledu .

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