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Released on Mar 11, 2024
Monday Morning Message 3.11.24 Our Faculty's Fingerprints

“Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch.”  - Judy Blume

 Not a week goes by when I don’t receive a positive message about the extraordinary teaching of our faculty. I’m pleased to share emails I’ve received these past few months. Our faculty’s fingerprints will never fade from the lives they’ve touched.

Associate Dean and Professor Carolyn Broering- Jacobs / Assistant Dean Nick De Santis 

“After many years of applying to law school and receiving many rejections, a part of me wanted to give up, but I couldn't.  I knew that I had a lot to offer the legal community, and all I needed was for someone to see my talents and to believe in me as much as I believed in myself…. Cleveland State University College of Law looked beyond the numbers, and saw me, the human, and granted me admission through the LCOP program, and for that I am forever grateful.  Associate Dean Broering-Jacobs and Assistant Dean Nick De Santis as a team prepared my classmates and I for the rigors that we would face during our law school career not just academically, but also mentally and emotionally.  The weekly planning and outlining skills we learned that included the requirement to focus on self-care are invaluable.”  – 3LE Student

 Professor April Cherry

“Professor April Cherry is someone who will make you think critically about many of the pressing issues that our country is dealing with. She is patient, kind, funny, and so intelligent and passionate about teaching Property Law. I look forward to her classes and am even more eager to learn more about Property law and how it affects our society. Having her as a professor has been the highlight of my semester!”  - 1L Student

Professor Jennifer Harrell

“As an international student attending the LL.M. Program at CSU, I am deeply grateful for the people I encounter on my path to an international career. I am grateful for the supportive faculty, for their understanding and respect of my cultural background and education. I would like to highlight Professor Harrell as an outstanding professional, and above all an extraordinary human being. The legal writing classes exclusive for LL.M. students are extremely thought through and fit perfectly for our needs.”  - LLM Student

Professors Laura Hoffman, Doron Kalir, Steve Lazarus, Kevin O’Neill, and Robert Triozzi

“From the moment that I entered CSU College of Law, I have been overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of support that I have received, from the faculty, staff, and fellow students.  As an older student beginning a second career, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but there’s a true camaraderie among students that exists here.  As for professors, the list is long of those who have made a profound impact on me, but I’d like to point out Laura Hoffman, Doron Kalir, Steve Lazarus, Kevin O’Neill, and Robert Triozzi specifically. I’m very grateful for this journey.” – 3L Student

Visiting Professor Debbie Hoffman

“I am writing to thank you for an incredible semester. During my studying, I was able to reflect on how much I had learned over the course of the semester. I remember how confused and out of my element I was the first several classes. It was like a new language! However, by the close of the semester I felt confident in this material and was proud of how far I was able to come. Thank you for your kind email to our class and your effort over the semester in instructing us.”  - 2L Student

Professor Doron Kalir

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your teaching, mentorship, and friendship, not just this semester, but throughout my law school career. I have a deeper respect for you than any professor I have ever studied under, and I believe that so much of my success as a student is the result of your guidance. You have inspired me to seek appellate practice as a career, and I look forward to staying in touch as I continue to strive towards a successful life as an attorney.”  - 2L Student

 “I want to express my sincere appreciation for your time and attention this semester. It was wonderful to share another academic experience with you as a mentor, guide, and teacher. While your intensity surely put me on alert in the beginning, I am truly thankful for your passion toward this work and your desire to immerse students into their externships. Without your pushes along the way, I do not feel that I would have accomplished all that I did.” -  3L Student

 “I was in your Appellate clinic, and did two externships—one for Judge Solomon Oliver Jr., and the other for Justice Michael Donnelly…..You had a larger impact on my life than you may know. After 1L, I was secretly considering dropping out of law school; I felt a bit out of my element, having come from a more modest background than many of my peers. But you felt I had strong writing skills, and saw potential that I did not. You encouraged me to apply to larger firms, which I had not considered to even be an option until that point. So, thank you for that; it literally changed my life. I’m at Baker Hostetler now, and am starting a 1-year clerkship with a federal judge in June.” – 2020 Graduate

 Professor Christa Laser

 “When I chose CSU law, I did not know I was making a decision that would benefit me for the rest of my life….I am happy I chose CSU law because I was promised support, and I have received it. I have the opportunity to work with Christa Laser in the intellectual property space, which is truly a blessing. She and many other professors are brilliant and have a clear understanding of the law in their respective areas.”  – 2L Student

“ In view of having attended and participated in dozens of CLE conferences for the past 20 years (some international in nature), I can honestly say that Christa Laser has coordinated some of the finest programming I have ever seen.  Christa’s leadership and hard work has paid off once again in terms of providing substantive & timely topics, dynamic and nationally renowned participants, inclusiveness of students, securing sponsorship funding, and garnering yet more positive reputation for Cleveland State University College of Law.  I am proud to be a CSU alum!!” – Ari Sherwin ’06, Corporate Counsel of Intellectual Property, The Sherwin-Williams Company


Professor Kevin O’Neill

 “Professor O'Neill brings knowledge and thoroughness while allowing laughter and lightness to be part of his teaching. These help us all, and especially international students whose English are not their first language, feel at ease and part of the group.”   - LL.M. Student

Professor Abby Moncrieff

“ Professor Moncrieff’s knowledge is unquestionable and inspiring. She helps me to remember Aristotle’s principle of equality in her way of assessing students in participation and exams. I wish to all new students, especially future LL.M. students whose English is not their first language, an amazing experience such as, or better than my own.” – LL.M. Student

Associate Dean and Professor Brian Ray

“I wanted to let you know how impactful the Cybersecurity and Privacy program at CSU Law was in not only changing my goals for my legal career but also landing me in my current role ….Having the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy certificate was also a real tangible credential that I had actual training and knowledge to offer.  As a result, I was able to shape my role …. to focus on my interests and my strengths…..I had no idea when I started law school that I would want to practice privacy and cybersecurity law.  But I am so thrilled my experience at CSU Law moved me in this direction….. I'm so grateful for the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy program - it has changed my life!”  - 2023 Graduate

“I am in the Legal Studies of Cyber Security and Data Privacy online program…All the professors and instructors, especially Prof. Brian Ray, have been great throughout this program.”  - MLS Student 

Professor Heidi Robertson

“I was so fortunate to be in your class during my first semester of law school.  Your teaching style and guidance made a significant difference in my growth, both as a person and student.  I believe my time in your class truly set me up for success.  You always helped me see a way forward, even during the most challenging times.”  - 1L JDO Student

“Not only does the faculty care about our ability to succeed in the classroom but also our future careers. Heidi Robertson is a great teacher and active in environmental law. She offered me the opportunity to attend an energy law conference in Houston, Texas. Dean Fisher actively procures funds to assist students who want to professionally develop while in school. Some of those funds were granted to me so I could attend the conference. I know there are many schools to choose from but would recommend CSU Law because the school administration and teachers are concerned about our success both in school and in a legal career.” – 2L Student

The bar is finally over….I can definitely tell going to the writing day and doing the timed practice for the MBE questions helped with pacing. Thank you again for all your advice while preparing for it.”  - 2023 Graduate

Professor Harlan Sands

“I just wanted express my heartfelt appreciation for your Legal Profession course this past semester. Your lectures were insightful and not only provided a comprehensive understanding of the ethical complexities in the legal profession, but also reiterated the importance of creating your own individual code of responsibility as a lawyer….I appreciate your dedication and I am truly grateful for the valuable lessons and guidance you have provided.”  - 2L Student 

“I recently received my MPRE score…..I am genuinely thrilled with the outcome and wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for your expertise and commitment to our legal profession class. The class was invaluable in helping me navigate the exam and I thank you! “  -2L  Student

“I would like to thank you again for leading me on this path of study to become a lawyer in the United States……..I am confident that I will be able to achieve my goals……I will work hard to participate in your class, to learn and not only in your class, but also in the entire LLM program. I am very grateful that on the day I was going to give up my dream of being a lawyer here in the United States, I met you and that reoriented my goals and confirmed again my life mission and the reason for being here in the United States.”   - LL.M. Student 

Professor Brandon Stump 

“ I want to thank you for everything you have done for me….as a person with a disability, I never thought this was possible. Thank you for believing in me, pushing me, and caring for me.”  - 3L student

Professor Robert Triozzi

“In Professor Triozzi’s Criminal Justice Reform Seminar we talk about pretrial detention.  Professor Triozzi is able to relay his efforts while Cleveland Law Director to improve the city jail.  We talk about mental health reform and he relays his efforts while on the Cleveland Municipal Court bench to create specialized mental health courts and his efforts to actualize a proposal for a specialized pretrial detention center with adjoining mental health and social service providers.  We talk about sentencing reform and he not only talks about his first day as a judge jitters when facing tremendous responsibilities in sentencing but also arranges for Ohio Supreme Court Justice Michael Donnelly to come to class to discuss his insights and reform efforts. This is a what a model seminar looks like.”  – 3LE Student        

Have a great day. Have a great week.

The views and opinions expressed in my Monday Morning Message are solely my own and do not reflect the views and opinions of the law school or the university.

For copies of past messages, please go to this link: Monday Morning Messages

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