Intellectual Property Certificate

Intellectual property is one of the most in-demand and well-paid fields of law today, with jobs that often allow students to combine an interest in science, technology, medicine, or the arts with a career in the law. The Intellectual Property Certificate is a flexible program that allows students to focus on the areas of intellectual property where they have the most interest, preparing students in fields including patent law, copyright law, entertainment law, innovation, and technology policy. Students who earn this certificate might go on to become patent prosecutors, intellectual property litigation attorneys, entertainment lawyers, or even corporate counsel with an edge on how to manage some of the most valuable corporate assets.

Number of Credits Required:

12 credit hours total, one course of which may be from an externship/experiential learning experience in the area of intellectual property law or policy.

Courses Permitted:

Students may select from among the following courses (additional courses may be added as more intellectual property electives are added to the curriculum):

  • Copyright, Patent, and Trademark, L658 (3 credit)
  • Innovation Law Seminar, L538 (3 credit)
  • Patent Law and Practice, L642 (3 credit)
  • Copyright Law, L845 (3 credit)
  • Trademark Law, L653 (2 credit)
  • Law, Technology & Entrepreneurship, L519 (3 credit)
  • Art Law, L659 (2/3 credit)
  • Representing the Musical Artist, L752 (2 credit)
  • Representing the Professional Athlete, L753 (2/3 credit)
  • Cyber Law, L735 (2/3 credit)
  • Entertainment Law, L636 (2/3 credit)
  • Intellectual Property: Advanced Topics, L758 (2/3 credit)
  • International Aspects of Intellectual Property Law, L650 (3 credit)
  • Information Technology and The Law, L797 (3 credit)
  • Legal Drafting: Special Topics, L798 (intellectual property related) (2 credit)
  • Negotiating Strategies in Sports Management, L754 (2/3 credit)
  • Scientific Evidence, L660 (3 credit)
  • Sports & Law: Evolution of Major League Sports, L656 (3 credit)
  • Upper-Level Writing, L860
  • Externship/Experiential Learning
    1. Upon approval of an Associate Dean or Program Director (Professor Christa Laser), students may earn credits toward their certificate from other courses outside this list that relate to intellectual property law or policy.
    2. Upon approval of an Associate Dean or Program Director (Professor Laser), students may count intellectual property course credits earned at another law school towards their certificate. 
    3. One course may be from an externship/experiential learning opportunity. 

Certificate Availability:

Any student seeking a JD.


Students must obtain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in courses counted towards the Concentration. Up to one course may be graded on a pass/fail basis, whether a substantive course for which a grade is normally given or an externship or other course that is mandatorily graded on a pass/fail basis. If a student takes a course on a pass/fail basis that is normally a graded course, the “true” grade earned by the student for the course will be included in calculating the student’s cumulative GPA in the Concentration, for the purposes of determining if the student has met the required minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA for a Concentration.

More Information:

Contact Program Director Professor Christa Laser c.j.lasernull@csuohio.nullcom

IP Certificate checklist

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