Part-Time Program

The part-time program at C|M|LAW is formatted so that students complete their foundational 1L courses over their first four semesters.

Students begin law studies during their first year with half of the Required Core Curriculum (RCC): Legislation/Regulation, Torts, and Legal Writing, Criminal Law and Contracts. The second half of the RCC - Civil Procedure and Property - is completed during the second year along with two Required Core Electives (Evidence, Constitutional Law, Legal Profession).

C|M|LAW offers two part-time program options: part-time day and part-time evening. The admissions selection process and standards are the same for all applicants, regardless of which program option they are pursuing. An applicant’s selection of our part-time or full-time program options will not affect the admission decision. 

C|M|LAW was founded 125 years ago as a part-time program specifically for non-traditional students. Our part-time program is designed to ensure that students get the same excellent education and supportive experience offered to full-time students. For example: 

  • Part-time students participate in experiential opportunities, and work with Student and Career Services to determine which options fit best with their work and school schedule. Clinics and simulation courses are common ways that our part-time students participate in experiential learning.
  • Part-time students are welcomed in all of our student organizations. The Non-Traditional Law Students Association and the Student Parent Alliance are popular with part-time students, but our part-time students have served on the Executive Board or as members of many student organizations.
  • The Student Bar Association has representative positions for part-time students.
  • Part-time students are welcomed to participate in the write-on competition for our Law Review and Journals, as well as tryouts for Moot Court and Mock Trial.


Part-time Evening Schedule

Classes are held four nights per week – Monday through Thursday – and generally run from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Starting with the fall 2022 semester, one required course will be taught remotely each semester for the first two years, which means part-time evening students will be in-person two nights a week and in class remotely two nights a week during the first two years. 

Part-time evening students benefit from the same incredible in-person classroom dynamics and closeness developed with section classmates experienced by full-time and part-time day students, while also enjoying the flexibility and more relaxed scheduling offered by reducing the number of evenings spent commuting to campus. 

The number of days or evenings on which part-time evening students have classes will change once the required core curriculum has been complete, but part-time evening students should expect to attend classes Mondays through Thursdays in the first two years.


Part-time Day Schedule

Day courses are generally scheduled from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Thursday and 9:00am to noon on Friday. 

Part-time Day and Evening First Year*

Legislation/Regulation 4
Contracts (evening students) /
Civil Procedure (day students)
Torts 4 Legal Writing 3
Legal Writing 3 Criminal Law 3
Total Hours 11 Total Hours 10


Part-time Day and Evening Second Year*

Contracts (day students) /
Civil Procedure (evening students)
4 Property 4
Constitutional Law 2.5 Constitutional Law 2.5
Elective course(s) 1-5 Elective course(s) 1-5
Total Hours 7-12 Total Hours 7-12


*Part-time students must commit to the course load outlined above. Under no circumstances can a part-time student take fewer credits during their first two years of legal study.

Part-time students are awarded a Juris Doctor degree upon satisfactory completion of 90 credit hours during a minimum of four academic years. You must maintain a 2.25 cumulative grade point average to receive the JD degree.

The JD program at CSU Cleveland-Marshall College of Law is rigorous yet flexible, with full-time and part-time opportunities to address the needs and expectations of a diverse student population. Students completing their first year of part-time study may elect to complete subsequent semesters on a full-time or part-time (day and/or evening) basis.

Questions? Please contact our Office of Admission.

Phone: 216.687.2304 or 866.687.2340 (toll free)

Email: law.admissionsnull@csuohio.nulledu

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