CMLAA Alumni of The Year Recipient Profile: Tim Collins ’85

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CMLAA Alumni of The Year Recipient Profile: Tim Collins ’85

Cleveland-Marshall Law Alumni Association Alumni of the Year recipient Tim Collins ’85 vividly remembers being called on in Professor David Goshien’s contracts class during his first year at CSU Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Professor Goshien had a policy of asking students to stand at their seat and be fully prepared when called on or they would be excused from class—permanently. The first time Tim was called on, he had read four of the five cases assigned for that day but only skimmed the fifth case. Called upon to discuss the fifth case, Tim struggled, only to be saved by the clock by the end class. After that day, Tim vowed to always be prepared and to complete whatever work is needed in any matter, and to be ready to respond to whatever the court asks. It is a credo that has served the Principal at Thrasher Dinsmore & Dolan well in more than 30 years of litigation practice.

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