Interdisciplinary Courses


Law students are permitted to take up to 2 graduate level courses for up to a total of 8 semester hours of credit in other parts of Cleveland State University. These courses should be in subject areas related to your legal interests. You must obtain permission in advance of registering for such courses from an assistant dean. To receive credit for interdisciplinary courses, a law student must earn at least a “C”, in which case the credit hours will count toward the J.D. degree but the grade will not be included in computation of the student’s grade point average.

Students enrolled in the joint JD./M.B.A., J.D./M.P.A., J.D./M.A.E.S., J.D./M.S.E.S., or J.D./M.U.P.D.D. programs must comply with the requirements of the particular program.

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