Student Organizations

CSU|LAW has a diverse group of student organizations for a diverse population of students. Student organizations are a great way for students to serve the law school and the Cleveland community, grow personally and professionally, and network with attorneys and other persons who provide legal services. Every year our student organizations change depending upon the interest level of our students; some grow, some become inactive, and new organizations develop. The faculty and staff are here to help organizations thrive and achieve their missions.

For more information about our student organizations current students can review VikesConnect. You may also contact the Office of Student and Career Services at careernull@law.csuohio.nulledu.


American Constitution Society

The American Constitution Society believes that the Constitution is “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” We interpret the Constitution based on its text and against the backdrop of history and lived experience. Through a diverse nationwide network of progressive lawyers, law students, judges, scholars and many others, we work to uphold the Constitution in the 21st Century by ensuring that law is a force for protecting our democracy and the public interest and for improving people’s lives.

ACS welcomes a diverse membership into our network from a wide range of communities. These members are critical to ACS’s mission of building and leading a diverse legal community that dedicates itself to advancing and defending democracy, justice, equality, and liberty; to securing a government that serves the public interest; and to guarding against the abuse of law and the concentration of power. All those in the ACS family are called upon to actively and affirmatively participate in creating and promoting a more inclusive and diverse American Constitution Society.

President - Jacob Kelly, j.a.kelly67null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Cecelia Dean, c.dean24null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Lauren Williams, l.m.williams64null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Georgiana Milbrodt, g.milbrodtnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Arab Law Student Association

The Arab Law Student Association is an organization based in CSU College of Law to foster the growth and development of Arab law students by providing a community, network, and resources that help them to succeed. Email this organization.

President - Jalela Jallaq, j.jallaqnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Ayah Ighneim, a.ighneimnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Kyra Wieber, k.wiebernull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Meena Hatab, m.hatabnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Black Law Student Association (BLSA)

The CSU College of Law chapter of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is a chapter member of the National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA) and the Midwest Black Law Students Association (MWBLSA). The mission of BLSA is to articulate and promote the needs and goals of Black law students to effectuate change in the legal community. BLSA seeks to provide law students with connections to academic, career and social opportunities that will give them the foundation to lead successful lives and legal careers.

BLSA does not discriminate against any individual or group based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin, nationality, race, religion, sex, nor sexual orientation and welcomes all as potential members and allies. Email this organization.

President - Athena Williams, 2824231null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Jamya Terry, j.a.terry22null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Robert Dinkins, r.dinkins9null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Danielle Antwi, d.antwinull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Catholic lawyers guild

We are the student chapter of the professional organization, The Lawyers Guild of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. Getting involved with us is a great way to network with accomplished, well-connected lawyers and to help serve the community. We focus on faith, community and networking. 

President - Dorothy Swagler, d.swaglernull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Megan Grantham, m.grantham16null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Patrick Fox, p.fox10null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Alyssa Romito, amromitonull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Cleveland State Law Review

The Cleveland State Law Review, originally founded as the CSU College of Law Review in 1952, is a student-run organization whose primary purposes are to publish a journal of legal scholarship and promote academic excellence in the law school community. The Law Review publishes a quarterly journal containing articles from legal scholars throughout the country. The editorial board of the Law Review selects submissions from judges, professors and other legal scholars for publication and works with the authors to revise and refine the articles in preparation for publication. The Law Review also publishes a number of articles written by student members of the Law Review each year.

Editor-in-Chief - Camille Pollutro, c.pollutronull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Development Editor - Kevin Curran, k.f.currannull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Business Editor - Bess Massad, b.massadnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Entertainment & Sports Law Association

ESLA provides law students with behind-the-scenes knowledge, networking opportunities, and avenues for competition in the fields of entertainment and sports law. We host CM Law's annual Entertainment & Sports Law Symposium, bringing prominent sports and entertainment attorneys from across the country to campus to discuss the most pressing issues. We also host CM Law's golf outing, participate in International Arbitration and Negotiation Competitions, host a free speaker series with local industry leaders, and more. 

President - Ryan Willen, r.willennull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - TJ Hunt & Imani Tibbs, t.hunt9null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledui.tibbsnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Cameron Redic, c.p.redicnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Edward Patton, e.patton51null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu

Environmental Law Society

The CM Environmental Law Society is a student-run organization which seeks to educate law students on environmental law and policy issues, help students explore the many diverse career opportunities available in the field of environmental law, and take action to help improve environmental quality in our community. We are broadly interested in all things environmental law, including traditional environmental and natural resources management in the legal sphere, as well as land use, agriculture, energy, and more.

President - Kayleigh Cook, k.cook36null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Lindsey Birchmore, l.hooks1null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Caitlin Murphy, c.r.murphynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Michael Meany, m.e.meanynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Federal Bar Association Student Chapter

The organization is dedicated to introducing law students to the Federal Practice and supporting the Federal Bar Association mission of strengthening the federal legal system and administration of justice by serving the interests and the needs of law students, federal practitioners, both public and private, the federal judiciary, and the public. It will do this by promoting the welfare, interests, education, and professional development of future attorneys who desire to practice in the federal system or have an interest in federal law. The organization further provides opportunities to interact with the local chapter of the national Federal Bar Association including mentorship opportunities, learning experiences, and community service opportunities.

President - Luke Davis, l.davis11null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Rachel Harriman, r.harrimannull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Jacob Kelly, j.a.kelly67null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Tigan Woolson, t.woolsonnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


First Generation Lawyers Organization (FGLO)

First-Generation law students face a unique set of challenges transitioning to law school and finding academic and professional success. FGLO is an organization dedicated to providing mentorship, networking, support for mental health and wellness, and other resources to First-Generation law students to promote success while in law school and after graduation. A First-Generation law student is a student who is the first in their immediate family to attend law school and/or college.

President - Lauren Nicole Williams, l.n.williams19null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Mary Spelic, m.spelicnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Steven "Ricky" Willliams, s.williams7null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Joshua Bazzoli, j.bazzolinull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


The Gavel

The Gavel is a student run publication which works to inform and entertain students, faculty, staff, and alumni of CSU College of Law School, Cleveland State University, and the surrounding community. The Gavel obtains almost the entirety of its content from law students interested in writing and spreading awareness of legal news. We promote CM Law and local events, such as our Mock Trial team, Moot Court, BLSA, and new organization events. We want the newspaper to highlight the quality of law students CM-Law possess and the impact they are making now on Cleveland and the legal field. The Gavel also continues to include works with wider focus, beyond CM-Law and the CSU community. Local Ohio laws, LGBTQ laws, ethical discussions, campaign details, and special speaker events all have been included in the Gavel. We take great pride in providing material to reach far beyond CM-Law students. The Gavel also makes sure to accommodate anyone who has a voice to be heard in some capacity. Email this organization.

Co-Editor - Catelyn Cook, catelyncook22null@gmail.nullcom
Co-Editor - Ernie Oleksy, e.m.oleksynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Co-Editor - Rachel Reinbolt, r.reinboltnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Global Business Law Review

The Global Business Law Review provides an innovative platform for scholars and practitioners to explore novel and transformational issues in the field of international business law. At the end of their first year, students may be invited to join the GBLR by either ranking in the top fifteen percent of their class or by successfully competing in the annual Summer Writing Competition.

The GBLR publishes volumes in the Fall and the Spring, and each year, the GBLR sponsors a Symposium that addresses the most significant legal issues in international business.


Health Law Society

The Health Law Society (HLS) has been in existence since 2010. The organization seeks to expose students to different legal career options within the health care industry and to provide a community service and social outlet for its membership. HLS is affiliated with the American Health Lawyers' Association (AHLA). Annually, HLS recognizes a local attorney with its Pioneer of Excellence in Health Care Law Award.

President - Hannah Park, h.r.parknull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Mary Verhiley, m.verhileynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Robert Harwood, r.harwood28null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Brandon Weisberg, b.weisbergnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice

If/When/How is a national nonprofit network of law students, professors, and legal professionals committed to fostering the next wave of legal experts for the reproductive justice movement. We strive to transform the law and policy landscape through advocacy, support, and organizing so all people have the power to determine if, when, and how to define, create, and sustain families with dignity and to actualize sexual and reproductive wellbeing on their own terms. We envision a transformation of the legal systems and institutions that perpetuate oppression into structures that realize justice, and a future when all people can self-determine their reproductive lives free from discrimination, coercion, or violence. Email this organization.

President - Nicolette Jordan, n.m.jordannull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Abby Jones, a.jones73null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Maria-Cristina Coreno, m.coreno48null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Ashley Rice, a.rice4null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Intellectual Property and Technology Association

IPTA's purpose is to provide the law school community opportunities to learn about and pursue interests in Intellectual Property, including Patent Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, and Cybersecurity & Privacy Law through both academic and social events.

President - Claire Schoemick, c.schoemicknull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Noah Seabrook, n.seabrooknull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - John Podgurski, japodmannull@gmail.nullcom
Secretary - Georgiana Milbrodt, g.milbrodtnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


journal of law and health

The Journal of Law and Health is devoted to publishing timely and informative articles in the areas of health law and innovation. The Journal publishes two articles each year. Students are eligible to become members of the Journal upon completion of their first-year coursework. Students ranking in the top fifteen percent of their class in terms of grade point averages are automatically extended invitations to join the Journal as Associate Members. Students not scoring in the top fifteen percent are invited to join the staff upon successfully competing in the annual Summer Writing Competition.

During the first year of Journal participation, Associates take part in the editorial work of the Journal through source collection and citation correction. Additionally, each Associate produces a comprehensive Note on a topic of their choice in either health law or innovation, with the potential of getting published. Students who satisfactorily complete their Associate year attain the rank of Editor, assuming supervisory duties over the Associates and becoming more involved in both the editorial and policy-making functions.

Editor-in-Chief - Dorothea Carleton, d.carleton30null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


latino Law Student Association

The purpose of the organization shall be The Latino Law Students Association is dedicated to the
advancement of Latinos within the legal profession. The organization provides a support network for
all Latino law students. It seeks to establish and maintain mutual cooperation with the larger Latino
legal community. Email this organization.

President - Aurora Santiago-Flores, a.santiagofloresnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Robert Dinkins, r.dinkins9null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu

Law Student Accessibility Alliance

Our goal is to promote the representation of those with disabilities in the legal field and bring awareness of legal issues related to disability law. This group is meant to be a support/safe space for any student with a disability or those who consider themselves and ally.

President - Alexander DiBucci, a.dibuccinull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Cameron Robatin, c.robatinnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Mary Verhiley, m.verhileynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Kaitlyn Posta, k.postanull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Mock Trial Team

Mock Trial is an interactive class that teaches you real-life trial forum. Competitions are held in March and November. We compete against other schools from all over the country. We are an extracurricular class. We have a lot of fun but we do a lot of work. The rewards are worth the work.

Captain - Cecelia Dean, c.dean24null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Patrick Fox, p.fox10null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Sagan Kahler, s.kahlernull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Lexi Solomon, a.solomon3null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Moot Court Team

The purpose of CSU College of Law Moot Court is to develop exemplary appellate brief writing and oral advocacy skills in second, third, and fourth year students through participation in an intramural competition, interscholastic competitions, and other competitions.

Chair - Kevin Curran, k.f.currannull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice Chair - Hannah Mahaffey, h.mahaffeynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice Chair - Molly Schmidt, m.c.schmidt63null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


National Association for Public Defense

Public Defenders face a completely different set of challenges than private criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors. The case loads are often much higher, and offices often lack resources which are available to other attorneys. This can cause many attorneys to “burn out” and leave the profession, exacerbating the crisis in indigent defense by depriving the field of much needed enthusiasm and numbers. Many students enter law school wanting to explore a career in indigent defense but are perhaps unaware or have little exposure to these challenges and are often taken by surprise when they enter the workplace. By providing a space for students interested in indigent defense to organize and learn, we hope to grow the number of students interested in public defense and connect them with meaningful opportunities to learn and hone skills necessary to be successful in a clerkship, externship, internship, and eventually a job.

President - Ryan Seibert, r.seibertnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Riley Meyers, r.meyers72null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Nick Elrad, n.elradnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Maria-Cristina Coreno, m.coreno48null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


National lawyers guild

Est. 1937, the NLG is the largest progressive bar association and first to racially integrate. Our mission is to unite lawyers, students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers to function as a force in the service of the People by valuing human rights and the rights of ecosystems over property interests. The NLG was formed in support of the New Deal to directly answer union busting, later using the law to fight fascism both in the Spanish Civil War and to help prosecute Nazis in Nuremberg. The Guild was active during McCarthyism and vehemently fought throughout the Civil Rights movement, representing MLK Jr, Angel Davis, as well as other Black Panther Party members. The NLG represented the Chicago 7, Attica strikers, and helped expose the Iran-Contra scandal. Today, the NLG supports Palestinians, as we did those who suffered under apartheid, South Africa, and protects many People’s justice movements around the world.. Email this Organization

President -Emily Forsee, e.forseenull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Julian Gilbert, j.gilbert43null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Robert Dinkins, r.dinkins9null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Dalya Oprian, d.oprian73null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Non-Traditional law student association

Non-traditional students, a group that includes part-time students working through school, "second-career" students, older students, parenting students and first-generation law students, face all the same obligations of traditional law students as well as additional sets of burdens and challenges that come with the responsibilities of life outside of law school. We at NTLSA want to provide support, networking opportunities, and a forum to address the unique concerns of this section of the student population.

President - Philip Shipman, p.shipmannull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Jewel Heath, jewelmheathnull@gmail.nullcom
Treasurer - Lauri Hartmann, l.hartman16null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Valencia Sumpter, v.sumpter71null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu



OUTLaw is a social and political student organization dedicated to serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) community at the CSU College of Law. We sponsor speakers, events, and panel discussions on legal issues that affect the LGBTQ+ communities. In addition, OUTLaw provides a forum for social and professional interaction by hosting social events for CM students. Reformed in the Fall of 2008, OUTLaw's mission is to provide a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ law students and faculty, and a voice for issues that are specific to the LGBTQ+ community both within the law school and the greater legal community. We welcome all LGBTQ+ students and straight allies to join our email list, and to become a part of OUTLaw. Email this organization.

President - Katheryn Hach, k.hach18null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Emily Forsee, e.forseenull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Sara Morgan, s.j.morgan51null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Amanda Tilton, a.tilton84null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta - Meck Chapter is one of the law fraternities at CSU College of Law. We are dedicated to service of our students, our school, our profession, and our community. We aim to help our members grow during their time at CMLaw and after by offering peer mentoring, social and networking events, and volunteer opportunities throughout the Cleveland area. We recruit during Fall and Spring semesters and are always happy to answer questions about our organization. Email this organization.

President - Natasha Harris, n.harris83null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Michaela Ferrara, m.m.ferrara30null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Nicole Johnson, n.johnson57null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Molly Gillespie, m.gillespie9null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Student Bar Association (SBA)

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the governing body responsible for representing the interests of the Student Body of CSU College of Law. The SBA is in charge of allocating funds to recognized students organizations and promotes and hosts programs, activities and opportunities for the Student Body. Additionally, SBA acts as a conduit between the CMLaw and CSU administrations and the CMLaw Student Body.

President - Christina O'Brien, c.obrien5null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Katey Hach, k.hach18null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Dana Bye, d.bye19null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Jalela Jallaq, j.jallaqnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Student Public Interest Law Organization (SPILO)

The Student Public Interest Law Organization (SPILO) is a student-professional organization designed to serve and connect students pursuing public interest spirited careers. SPILO is committed to holding events where its members can improve their understanding of public interest law and develop their career goals. Serving as a resource center for students seeking public service employment or volunteer prospects, SPILO provides opportunities for networking, career counseling, and community-building all tailored to the public interest student.. Email this organization.

President - Victoria Kekel, v.kekelnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Jessica Crtalic, j.crtalicnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Ayah Ighneim, a.ighneimnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Stephen Bond, s.bond78null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu

Thurgood Marshall Moot Court Team

The Thurgood Marshall Moot Court Team focuses on development of exemplary brief writing and oral advocacy skills in second, third, and fourth year students within the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) at Cleveland State Law School, in preparation for regional and national interscholastic competitions.

Team Coordinator - Abigail Stout, a.stout18null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu





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