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Student Organizations

Student organizations are a great way for students to serve the law school and the Cleveland community, grow personally and professionally, and network with attorneys and other persons who provide legal services.   Every year our student organizations change depending upon the interest level of our students; some grow, some become inactive, and new organizations develop.  The faculty and staff are here to help organizations thrive and achieve their missions.

For more information about our student organizations current students can review VikesConnect. You may also contact the Office of Student and Career Services at careernull@law.csuohio.nulledu.  


American Constitution Society

The American Constitution Society believes that the Constitution is “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” We interpret the Constitution based on its text and against the backdrop of history and lived experience. Through a diverse nationwide network of progressive lawyers, law students, judges, scholars, and many others, we work to uphold the Constitution in the 21st Century by ensuring that law is a force for protecting our democracy and the public interest and for improving people’s lives.

President - Gilbert Jones, g.jones40null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Ariella Landy, a.landynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Kathryn (Katy) Reeve, k.reevenull@smlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Caitlin Harrington, c.a.harrington66null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Arab Law Student Association

The Arab Law Student Association is an organization based in CSU College of Law to foster the growth and development of Arab law students by providing a community, network, and resources that help them to succeed. Email this organization.


Black Law Student Association (BLSA)

The CSU College of Law chapter of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is a chapter member of the National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA) and the Midwest Black Law Students Association (MWBLSA). The mission of BLSA is to articulate and promote the needs and goals of Black law students to effectuate change in the legal community. BLSA seeks to provide law students with connections to academic, career and social opportunities that will give them the foundation to lead successful lives and legal careers.

BLSA does not discriminate against any individual or group based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin, nationality, race, religion, sex, nor sexual orientation and welcomes all as potential members and allies. 

President - Aireus Johnson, a.d.johnson50null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Isura Adedokun, i.adedokunnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Ray Singletary, r.singletarynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Corresponding Secretary - Oluwatoni (Toni) Kolawole, o.kolawolenull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Parliamentarian - Ellenia Matthews, e.matthews1null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Recording Secretary - Reece Barnett, r.barnett36null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Historian: Selah Ingram, s.ingram36null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


Catholic lawyers guild

We are the student chapter of the professional organization, The Lawyers Guild of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.  Getting involved with us is a great way to network with accomplished, well-connected lawyers and to help serve the community.  We focus on faith, community and networking.

President - Elizabeth FitzGerald, e.fitzgerald53null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Vice President - Michael Garetto-Balmer, m.garettobalmernull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Treasurer - Maddy Bartsche, m.bartschenull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Secretary - Caitlin Harrington, c.a.harrington66null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


Cleveland State Law Review

The Cleveland State Law Review is the flagship journal of the Cleveland State University College of Law. Please visit the Law Review's new website, featuring our online companion journal, Et Cetera, at Email this organization.

Editor-in-Chief - Ernie Oleksy, e.m.oleksynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


Constance Baker Motley Mock Trial Team

The Constance Baker Motley Mock Trial Team builds and enhances the skills of students by developing a strong courtroom presence and knowledge of the trial process as they prepare for participation in the regional competition. The team participates in a course that begins in the fall semester. We engage in simulated trial preparation and experiences where we engage in factual and legal research, practice writing motions, develop their analytical skills, apply the rules of evidence as well as rules of civil or criminal procedure, learn about the teamwork necessary for success at trial, and how to form and execute trial strategies. In the spring semester, students finish preparing and go off to compete! In the 2023 competition, we placed THIRD in the nation! Reach out and check us out! 

Co-Captain - Sharilyn Clark
Co-Captain - Christopher Horne


Cyberlaw Society

This is a scholarly organization within Cleveland State University's College of Law, dealing with all things in the world of Cybersecurity. This organization's purpose is to promote the protection of data privacy rights and cybersecurity, explore the regulation of emerging technologies, and educate the public on best practices for protecting personal information and maintaining secure systems and networks. 

President - Sharilyn Clark, s.clark38null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Vice President - Matthew Weisman, m.weisman6null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Treasurer - Dylan Brown, d.brown68null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Secretary - Kyndal Hutchison, k.n.hutchisonnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Dean's Leadership Fellows

A limited number of first year law students are chosen for the Dean's Leadership Fellows Program through an application process during the first year of law school. Selection into the Dean’s Leadership Fellows Program is competitive and based on strong academic achievement, leadership qualities and potential, a commitment to active participation in the Program, and a commitment to our values of Learn Law. Live Justice. Those selected are known as Dean's Leadership Fellows. Dean’s Leadership Fellows have the special opportunity to interact with prominent national, state, and local leaders to explore issues in leadership and the law through regular small, interactive roundtable discussions at the law school and in the community.

President - Ernie Oleksy, e.m.oleksynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Boardmember - Paula Chan, p.e.chan06null@csuohio.nulledu
Boardmember - Anushkay Raza, r.anushkaynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Boardmember - Jace Libman-Phelps, j.libmanphelpsnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


Entertainment & Sports Law Association (ESLA)

ESLA provides law students with behind-the-scenes knowledge, networking opportunities, and avenues for competition in the fields of entertainment and sports law. We host CM Law's annual Entertainment & Sports Law Symposium, bringing prominent sports and entertainment attorneys from across the country to campus to discuss the most pressing issues. We also host CM Law's golf outing, participate in International Arbitration and Negotiation Competitions, host a free speaker series with local industry leaders, and more. 

President - Bailey Scheck, b.schecknull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Vice President - Madison Becker, m.becker84null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Treasurer - Reece Barnett, r.barnett36null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Secretary - Cole Sundermann, c.sundermannnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 

Entrepreneurial Law Organization (ELO)

The Entrepreneurial Law Organization (ELO) supports the University's, especially the law school's, entrepreneurially-minded students by hosting events, disseminating information, building relationships within the community, and pursuing any other opportunities that support students' abilities to start, manage, and represent entrepreneurial interests. Students in the ELO encounter both academic and real-world lawyering experiences with a focus on developing a business-oriented, client-centered mindset.

President - ernie oleksy, e.m.oleksynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Vice President - megan gross, m.gross88null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Treasurer - dana bye, d.bye19null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Secretary - jason morgenstern, j.morgensternnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu  


Environmental Law Society

The CM Environmental Law Society is a student-run organization which seeks to educate law students on environmental law and policy issues, help students explore the many diverse career opportunities available in the field of environmental law, and take action to help improve environmental quality in our community. We are broadly interested in all things environmental law, including traditional environmental and natural resources management in the legal sphere, as well as land use, agriculture, energy, and more.


Federal Bar Association Student Chapter

The organization is dedicated to introducing law students to the Federal Practice and supporting the Federal Bar Association mission of strengthening the federal legal system and administration of justice by serving the interests and the needs of law students, federal practitioners, both public and private, the federal judiciary, and the public. It will do this by promoting the welfare, interests, education, and professional development of future attorneys who desire to practice in the federal system or have an interest in federal law. The organization further provides opportunities to interact with the local chapter of the national Federal Bar Association including mentorship opportunities, learning experiences, and community service opportunities.


federalist society

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. The Society seeks both to promote an awareness of these principles and to further their application through its activities. 

Email this organization at fedsoc.csuohionull@gmail.nullcom 


First Generation Lawyers Organization (FGLO)

First-Generation law students face a unique set of challenges transitioning to law school and finding academic and professional success.  FGLO is an organization dedicated to providing mentorship, networking, support for mental health and wellness, and other resources to First-Generation law students to promote success while in law school and after graduation.  A First-Generation law student is a student who is the first in their immediate family to attend law school and/or college. Email this organization.

President - Renn (Lauren N.) Williams, l.n.williams19null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Vice President - Mary Spelic, m.spelicnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Steven "Ricky" Willliams, s.williams7null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Joshua Bazzoli, j.bazzolinull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


The Gavel

CSU|LAW’s student newspaper The Gavel has been in publication since 1953 and has twice won the American Bar Association's Newspaper Award for best law school newspaper in the country—most recently in 2023. The Gavel is committed to voicing all members of the CSU|LAW community and printing compelling stories. Email this organization.

Editor-in-Chief - Rachel Reinbolt, r.reinboltnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Editor-in-Chief - Susannah Schroeder, s.schroeder65null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Managing Editor - Phil Corfman, p.corfmannull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Development Editor - Ernie Oleksy, e.m.oleksynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


Global Business Law Review

The Global Business Law Review provides an innovative platform for scholars and practitioners to explore novel and transformational issues in the field of international business law. At the end of their first year, students may be invited to join the GBLR by either ranking in the top fifteen percent of their class or by successfully competing in the annual Summer Writing Competition.

The GBLR publishes volumes in the Fall and the Spring, and each year, the GBLR sponsors a Symposium that addresses the most significant legal issues in international business.


Health Law Society

Affiliated with the American Health Lawyer's Association, the Health Law Society aims to connect students to the broader legal world of health law. It is dedicated to raising the visibility of health law issues at CSU College of Law. The organization seeks to expose students to different legal career options within the healthcare industry and to provide a community service and social outlet for its membership.  The Society pursues this goal by bringing academics and practitioners to CSU|LAW to discuss these issues with students through panel discussions, symposia, or more informal events. 


Housing Impact Project

Housing should be an unalienable right for all human beings, not a privilege; yet, affordable, safe housing is only available to those who can pay the price - which is consistently on the rise. HIP is dedicated to the destigmatization and decriminalization of systemic homelessness by mobilizing CSU students to advocate for members of the Cleveland community that are currently unhoused or that are at-risk of becoming unhoused. We seek to listen to and learn from our members in the community who are/have been unhoused and all that they have endured in order to best understand the support needed to push the needle forward in ending the housing crisis.

Co-President - Dawlat Alexander, d.alexander39null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Co-President - Alexandra Nardo, a.nardonull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Zachary MacMillan, z.macmillannull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Sydni Porter, s.porter34null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


If/When/How:  Lawyering for Reproductive Justice

If/When/How is a national nonprofit network of law students, professors, and legal professionals committed to fostering the next wave of legal experts for the reproductive justice movement. We strive to transform the law and policy landscape through advocacy, support, and organizing so all people have the power to determine if, when, and how to define, create, and sustain families with dignity and to actualize sexual and reproductive wellbeing on their own terms. We envision a transformation of the legal systems and institutions that perpetuate oppression into structures that realize justice, and a future when all people can self-determine their reproductive lives free from discrimination, coercion, or violence. Email this organization.


Intellectual Property and Technology Association ("IPTA")

The Intellectual Property and Technology Association's (“IPTA”) purpose is to provide the law school community with opportunities to learn about and pursue interests in Intellectual Property. IPTA’s general meetings touch on Patent Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, and Cybersecurity & Privacy Law through both academic and social events. Connecting students to renowned Intellectual Property practitioners is a primary focus of the organization through networking events and hosting guest speakers. Members also have the opportunity to part-take in national and regional level competitions.

President - Noah Seabrook, n.seabrooknull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Alan Schiess, a.schiess19null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Treasurer - Carter Chippi, c.chippinull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Secretary - Dylan Ramsey, d.m.ramsey56null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


Jewish law student association

JLSA aims to foster a sense of community among Jewish students and those interested in Jewish culture and traditions. The JSLA seeks to provide a platform for networking, mentorship, and professional development, through guest speakers and by organizing events that focus on topics at the intersection of Judaism and the legal profession. Additionally, it serves as a resource for educational and cultural programs, promoting understanding and discussion of Jewish legal perspectives and ethical issues.

President - Jalen danzinger, j.danzingernull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Vice President - jason morgenstern, j.morgensternnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Treasurer -  jeremy friedman, j.friedman76null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Secretary - megan gross, m.gross88null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


journal of law and health

The Journal of Law and Health is devoted to publishing timely and informative articles in the areas of health law and innovation. The Journal publishes two articles each year. Students are eligible to become members of the Journal upon completion of their first-year coursework. Students ranking in the top fifteen percent of their class in terms of grade point averages are automatically extended invitations to join the Journal as Associate Members. Students not scoring in the top fifteen percent are invited to join the staff upon successfully competing in the annual Summer Writing Competition.

During the first year of Journal participation, Associates take part in the editorial work of the Journal through source collection and citation correction. Additionally, each Associate produces a comprehensive Note on a topic of their choice in either health law or innovation, with the potential of getting published. Students who satisfactorily complete their Associate year attain the rank of Editor, assuming supervisory duties over the Associates and becoming more involved in both the editorial and policy-making functions.

PUblications Editor - Jacob Wenner
Research Editor - Emma Parlette
Executive Editor - Ryan Seibert
Managing Editors - Lauren Baird & Joseph Campbell
Senior Editor - Noah Seabrook
Business Editor - Jon Lucas
Submissions Editor - Jace Libman-Phelps


latino Law Student Association

The purpose of the organization shall be The Latino Law Students Association is dedicated to the
advancement of Latinos within the legal profession. The organization provides a support network for
all Latino law students. It seeks to establish and maintain mutual cooperation with the larger Latino
legal community.  Email this organization.

President - Aurora Santiago-Flores, a.santiagofloresnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Adriana Perez, a.perez16null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Treasurer - Omar Wahdan, o.wahdannull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Secretary - Aireus D. Johnson, a.d.johnson50null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 

Law Student Accessibility Alliance

Our goal is to promote the representation of individuals with disabilities in the legal field while bringing awareness of disability law related issues to our peers. This group is meant to be a constructive support/safe space for any student with a disability or those who consider themselves an ally.

President - Alex DiBucci, a.dibuccinull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Cameron Robatin, c.robatinnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Mary Verhiley, m.verhileynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Kaitlyn Posta, k.postanull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu


Mock Trial Team

Mock Trial is designed to promote professionalism in the litigation arena in both the preparation and trying of cases. The course consists of preparing for and participating in mock trial competitions, held in November and March. Open to second, third, and fourth year students. Email this organization.

Co-Captain - Megan Porter, m.porter19null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Co-Captain - Lina Girgis, e.girgisnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


Moot Court Team

The Cleveland State University College of Law Moot Court Team is a co-curricular activity which simulates appellate-level proceedings. Our members participate in competitions around the country, competing against teams from various other law schools. Moot Court competitions involve the drafting and presenting of complex legal arguments in the form of a written brief and an oral argument. Briefs are typically drafted over a multi-week period prior to the start of a competition while the competition itself usually focuses on the presentation of oral arguments. Our teams compete for titles such as Best Brief and Best Oralist, and frequently finish amongst the top teams in competitions.

Chairperson - Jacob Bourquin, b.jacobnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Vice Chair - Dana Bye, d.bye19null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Vice Chair - Michael Maloof, m.maloofnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


National Association for Public Defense

Public Defenders face a completely different set of challenges than private criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors. The case loads are often much higher, and offices often lack resources which are available to other attorneys. This can cause many attorneys to “burn out” and leave the profession, exacerbating the crisis in indigent defense by depriving the field of much needed enthusiasm and numbers. Many students enter law school wanting to explore a career in indigent defense but are perhaps unaware or have little exposure to these challenges and are often taken by surprise when they enter the workplace. By providing a space for students interested in indigent defense to organize and learn, we hope to grow the number of students interested in public defense and connect them with meaningful opportunities to learn and hone skills necessary to be successful in a clerkship, externship, internship, and eventually a job.


National lawyers guild

Established in1937, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is the nation’s oldest and largest progressive bar association and was the first one in the U.S. to be racially integrated. Our mission is to use the law in service of the People, uniting lawyers, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers by valuing human rights and the rights of ecosystems over property interests. The NLG was formed to support the New Deal in answer to union busting, and fought directly against fascism both in the Spanish Civil War and to help prosecute Nazis in Nuremberg. The Guild was active during McCarthyism and vehemently fought throughout the Civil Rights movement, representing MLK Jr. and many Black Panther Party members including professor Angela Davis. The NLG represented the Chicago 7/8, defended strikers at Attica, and Indigenous protestors at Wounded Knee, helped expose the Iran-Contra scandal, and proudly supports the self-determination of Palestinians as we did those suffering under apartheid, South Africa. Today, the NLG has been integral to protecting the freedoms of dissenters standing against police brutality, particularly in our Legal Observer and Mass Defense Program, and has most recently stood in solidarity with the millions of abortion-seeking persons who have lost their fundamental right to personhood with the recent SCOTUS decision in Dobbs v Jackson to overturn Roe v Wade.

The purpose of this student chapter is to foster the education and development of future attorneys and the Cleveland State University community, in pursuit of zealous advocacy in defense of human rights and the rights of ecosystems over property interests.


Non-Traditional law student association

Non-traditional students, a group that includes part-time students working through school, "second-career" students, older students, parenting students and first-generation law students, face all the same obligations of traditional law students as well as additional sets of burdens and challenges that come with the responsibilities of life outside of law school. We at NTLSA want to provide support, networking opportunities, and a forum to address the unique concerns of this section of the student population.



OUTLaw is a social and political student organization dedicated to serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) community at the Cleveland State University School of Law. We sponsor speakers, events, and panel discussions on legal issues that affect the LGBTQ+ communities. In addition, OUTLaw provides a forum for social and professional interaction by hosting social events for CSU Law students. OUTLaw's mission is to provide a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ law students and faculty, and a voice for issues that are specific to the LGBTQ+ community both within the law school and the greater legal community. We welcome all LGBTQ+ students and straight allies to join our email list, and to become a part of OUTLaw.  Email this organization.

President - Sara Morgan, s.j.morgan51null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Amanda Tilton, a.tilton84null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Secretary - Sophia DeChurch, sdechurnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Abigail McCoy, a.mccoy63null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta is the world’s preeminent law fraternity because of our dedication to service: service to the student, the school, the profession, and the community.
It is through devotion to the ideals of compassion, courage, diversity, innovation, integrity, professionalism, and service that we better both our profession and our community. Through accepting our differences we become not just a law fraternity, but a family.

President - Molly Gillespie, m.gillespie9null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Gilbert Jones, g.jones40null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Treasurer - Natalie Picone, n.picone8null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Secretary - Jon Lucas, j.lucas82null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


SPace law society

The Cleveland State University College of Law Space Law Society is a student organization that supports the Global Space Law Center and aims to offer events and programs for students interested in space law, and/or who are planning to pursue a career in space law or policy. Through these programs and events, the organization provides an educational foundation of space law that will prepare students to explore their interest in the field and take their first steps toward the study of space law. Email this organization here.


Student Bar Association (SBA)

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the governing body responsible for representing the interests of the Student Body of CSU College of Law. The SBA is in charge of allocating funds to recognized students organizations and promotes and hosts programs, activities and opportunities for the Student Body. Additionally, SBA acts as a conduit between the CSULaw and CSU administrations and the CSULaw Student Body. Email this organization. 

President - Jalela Jallaq, j.jallaqnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Vice President - Grace Warren, g.l.warren92null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Treasurer - Joshua Bazzoli, j.bazzolinull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Secretary - Ellenia Matthews, e.matthews1null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Director of Development - Alaina Collins, a.collins34null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


Student parent alliance

Law student parents face enormous difficulties--from time constraints, to financial hardships, to the unpredictability of raising a child that can make it difficult to plan ahead. The Student Parent Alliance is devoted to supporting student parents by 1) building community among student parents and non-parents, offering each other helpful resources as well as moral support, and 2) advocating for better support from our faculty and administration to make sure that law school is accessible to all. Parents and non-parents welcome!

President - Valencia Sumpter, v.sumpter71null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - brock jones, b.jones48null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Treasurer - Kanisha West-Thomas, k.westthomasnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Secretary - Karl Betz, k.betz63null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Non-Parent Liaison - Philipp Corfman, p.corfmannull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 


Student Public Interest Law Organization (SPILO)

The Student Public Interest Law Organization (SPILO) is a student-professional organization designed to serve and connect students pursuing public interest-spirited careers. SPILO is committed to holding events where its members can improve their understanding of public interest law and develop their career goals. Serving as a resource center for students seeking public service employment or volunteer prospects, SPILO provides opportunities for networking, career counseling, and community-building all tailored to the public interest student.  Email this organization.


Thurgood Marshall Moot Court Team

The Thurgood Marshall Moot Court Team focuses on development of exemplary brief writing and oral advocacy skills in second, third, and fourth year students within the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) at Cleveland State Law School, in preparation for regional and national interscholastic competitions.


Women's Law Student Association (WLSA)

The Women’s Law Student Association is an organization where women are welcome to build a community, receive support from one another, and be connected to resources for both professional and personal growth. We believe in the power of mentorship and peer support to help all women in law thrive. Our goal is to empower women on their journey through law school and into practice, connecting them with the resources they need to succeed!

President - Abby Jones, a.jones73null@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Vice President - Anushkay Raza, r.anushkaynull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu
Treasurer - Tara Gilson, t.gilsonnull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Secretary - Amanda Moreschi, a.moreschinull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu 
Social Media Chair - Rachel Osterhouse, r.osterhousenull@cmlaw.csuohio.nulledu