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Career Advising

Your academic planning is part of your larger career planning strategy. The Office of Student and Career Services can help you to plan your coursework to meet graduation requirements, develop critical lawyering skills, and align with your career goals. All students are encouraged to schedule an academic advising appointment at least once yearly by requesting an appointment in CareerConnect.


Academic Advising

Q. Which courses do I need to graduate?

A. Review Academic Regulation 4.3 and use the online degree audit function in Campus Net and/or the Graduation Requirements Worksheets to assist you in determining your status.

Q. I need assistance in planning my schedule, who can I speak with?

A. The Office of Student and Career Services provides academic advising to all full and part-time JD students. You can schedule a meeting to discuss your course planning.

Q. I think my final grade is incorrect. What are my options?

A. Follow the procedures in Academic Regulation 2.4, including making a good faith effort to discuss the grade with the faculty member. Note that time limitations apply to this process, so be sure to review the Academic Regulation carefully and contact the Assistant Dean for Student and Career Services with questions.

Q. I need to file a Petition to the Academic Standards Committee, who can assist me with the process?

A. Contact Assistant Dean Sarah Beznoska with questions at s.beznoskanull@csuohio.nulledu 

Q. How do I withdraw from a course?

A. It depends on the point-in-time in which you are seeking to withdraw. Voluntary withdrawal from a one-semester class is generally permitted at any time prior to the beginning of the fifth week of classes. Review Academic Regulation 3.1 to determine your status and contact the Office of Student and Career Services. It is also extremely important to be mindful of any financial impact, by contacting CSU's All-in-One team and reviewing the CSU refund policy provided by the CSU Bursar's Office. 

Q. What are the limitations on maximum course loads for a semester?

A. Academic Regulation 4.4 sets maximum and minimum law course loads. For full-time students, the maximum course load is 18 hours per semester and for part-time students the maximum course load is 12 hours per semester, without exception.

Q. May I add or drop classes as a first-year student?

A. A student may not change his or her section of a two semester core curriculum course after completion of one semester unless permitted by the Academic Standards Committee—Please see Academic Regulation 3.4 in the Student Handbook for details information.

Q. I am a part-time student, working to complete the Core Curriculum. How do I know in which courses to enroll?

A. Consult page 21 of the Student Handbook, which lays out the sequence of courses for part-time students. Part-time students should complete the core curriculum in the second-year. Remember that students must complete 28 credit hours before enrolling in online course work. Twenty-nine credit hours are required to be eligible for any Experiential Skills (Clinic or Externship) courses. For more detailed questions, talk with an academic adviser in the Office of Student and Career Services.

Q. How do I register for a clinic?

A. You must contact the supervising professor to discuss the Clinic and obtain permission to enroll. 

Q. How do I register for an externship?

A. The externship application and placement process is run through the Office of Student and Career Services. You must apply to the externship site in the semester prior to the placement. The application and interview process takes place over several weeks – watch for detailed information each semester announcing application windows and deadlines. Once you have secured a placement, you must contact the Office of Student and Career Services to be enrolled in the appropriate course.

Q. I need some guidance in preparing my bar exam application and/or the fitness & character section, who may I speak with?

A. Contact Assistant Dean DeSantis with questions.

Q. I am a MLS student. To whom can I go for academic advising and related student services questions?

A. Julie DiBiasio is your primary point of contact.

Student Life/Scheduling Questions

Q. I need assistance registering for my courses, who may I speak with?

A. Contact Student and Career Services at careernull@law.csuohio.nulledu .

Q. I'd like to take a course outside of LAW, how do I go about it?

A. In order to take a course outside of the LAW curriculum, you need to apply as a non-degree seeking student and also contact the Law Records Office requesting that they send copy of your Undergraduate transcript to CSU’s Office of Graduate Admissions. Once you are admitted, you will be able to register for the course on CampusNet. Any registration issues outside of LAW will need to be addressed by that department’s advisor.

Records Office Questions

Q. How do I obtain a copy of my unofficial transcript?

A. Submit the request form found here. Please allow sufficient processing time and remember that, for employment applications, a print-out copy from CampusNet is NOT an acceptable document.

Q. How do I obtain a Letter of Good Standing?

A. Submit the request form found here. Please allow sufficient processing time.

Q. When are class ranks released?

A. Class ranks are computed once each semester, approximately three weeks after grades are finalized.

Q. Where do I find my class rank?

A. Class ranks are posted online, by GPA and by percentage, here.

Q. Who may I speak with regarding testing accommodations?

A. Contact CSU's Office for Disability Services (ODS).

Q. I have an exam conflict. How do I request a re-schedule?

A. To reschedule an exam, please complete the form found here and submit it to the Records Office (LB 144 in the Student Services Center) or by email to academic.servicesnull@law.csuohio.nulledu.

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