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Welcome to the Exam-on-Computer Resource Portal.  Please check here offen, especially during exam period, for updated information about upcoming events and announcements related to your exams. You may also want to read the FAQ on Exam-on-Computer page if you are unfamilair with the process.

Exam ID Number
OPEN for Fall 2020 Midterm

Exam Software
COMING SOON for Fall 2020 Midterm

Exam Submission
CLOSED for Summer 2020 Midterm

Checklist for Taking Exams on Computer

It's very important to go through this checklist and perform each necessary task before your first exam.

  • Get an Exam ID Number for the current exam period . You will need a new Exam ID for the midterm and another for the finals - each semester.
  • Update Your Computer. Make sure your computer is virus and spyware free, and all system software are up-to-date.
  • Connect to CSU Wireless Network. Your exams will be submitted electronically via network so you need to make sure you can access the Internet with your laptop while you are on campus.
  • Download and Install the Exam Software for the current exam period. You will need to download a new version for the midterm and again for the finals - each semester.
  • Take a Practice Test on Your Computer, and make sure your exam is submitting successfully.
  • Read FAQ on Exam-on-Computer see if your question has been answered already.


Join one of the Zoom Support Meeting



Support Room 2
Meeting ID: 968-6907-0781

only during active exam hours or by appointments

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