Computer Lab & Printing

Law Library Computer Lab

  • Student Lab Accounts can be accessed at any Lab workstation, but are not accessible off-site.
  • When logging in, use your C|M|Law Username & Password. See Usernames, Passwords, and PINS. Make sure the Domain is LAW.
  • Before leaving the Lab, be sure to log out of your Lab Account, so no one else can access your Account.
  • Law Library Computer Lab is for C|M|Law students only. There are three public access terminals in the library, with limited access to .com sites.
  • After graduation, student lab accounts are still active until after the first bar exam following graduation.


Microsoft Word are available in the Computer Lab as word processors. To launch, click on Start button at bottom left of screen, then Programs in pop-up menu.

Lab Printing

  • When printing from LexisNexis, send print jobs to the LexisNexis printer. Students may print up to 200 pages per day to the LexisNexis printer.
  • Lab printers can be used for Westlaw and other print jobs.


There is a scanner available for C|M|Law student use in the computer lab. The printer on the right, as you enter the lab, is the scanner.

H: Drive - Saving Documents

  • Each C|M|Law student, faculty and staff has space available on the H: drive of the Law Library server, visible only to that person.
  • The H: drive is automatically backed up on a weekly basis.
  • Students cannot save to the C: drive or desktop in the Computer Lab.
  • The H: drive is only accessible to C|M|Law students from the Law Library Computer Lab. It is only accessible to C|M|Law faculty and staff on their office computers.
  • if you want to work on documents when away from the Computer Lab (or your office), use an external/removable drive (ex. USB) or email the documents to yourself.


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