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Professor Deborah Geier was working as a registered nurse in labor & delivery with the maternity surgery unit at Fairview Hospital.  The work was fulfilling and she was a successful nurse, but found the work monotonous, believing at times she was performing her duties on repeat.  When it reached the point where she was hoping people with serious medical problems would come through the hospital doors, because those were the only times she was challenged, Geier realized it was time for a change.

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Professor and Associate Dean for Administration Michael J. Borden was recently named president of the William K. Thomas American Inn of Court, a social and professional club for judges, lawyers, law professors and law students, adopted from the traditional English model that focused on legal education.

“America needs talent more than ever, but Americans aren’t yet fully grasping that college is the best way to ensure that supply of talent.” - Jamie Merisotis, America Needs Talent

Ohio’s near-term economic future is in the balance. Ohio faces a projected $1 billion deficit, and in these final days of the state legislative session, legislators must pass a balanced state budget by June 30.

“The fact of being an underdog changes people in ways that we often fail to appreciate. It opens doors and creates opportunities and enlightens and permits things that might otherwise have seemed unthinkable.” - Malcolm Gladwell

"My whole career has been one of fighting for the underdog." – Congressman Louis Stokes ‘53

Just days after celebrating their graduation, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law’s newest alumni return to the classroom and engage in intensive study designed to enhance their ability to pass the upcoming bar examination. Fortunately, recent graduates have already been exposed to years of groundwork readying them for the final weeks of preparation as part of a comprehensive focus on ensuring students are as prepared as possible when they take the bar exam. 

“As LeBron James stated, ‘nothing is given, everything is earned.’ And Class of 2017, we have earned this law degree.” - Tiffany Henderson ’17, President, Student Bar Association

I read Dean Fisher’s Monday Morning Message…..every Tuesday.” - Richard (Dick) Pogue at the May 20, 2017 C|M|Law Commencement.

“Regardless of the path we choose, it is important for us to give back. We are agents of change and we must ‘Defend the Land’ for everyone.”

2017 Cleveland-Marshall College of Law graduate Elissa Schooler delivered that message, reshaping the Cleveland Cavaliers playoff slogan to one that focuses on the greater Cleveland community and its underserved citizens, while addressing her fellow classmates at C|M|LAW’s commencement ceremony.