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Cleveland-Marshall’s Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection hosted the officially sanctioned Republican National Convention Cybersecurity Forum in July.  An impressive lineup of technology and policy experts and lawmakers spoke at the event on the state of cybersecurity, including keynote addresses by Congressman Michael T. McCaul, Chairman House Committee on Homeland Security, former Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers and Dr. Steve Belovich, Founder of IQware Solutions, LLC.  Here are the seven biggest takeaways on the state of cybersecurity and what to expect going forward.

Earlier this year, a 10-year old murder case reached the national conscience when Netflix released the 10-part hit documentary series Making a Murderer.  The documentary examined the conviction of Steven Avery in the murder of Teresa Halbach with the participation of his then 16-year old nephew Brendan Dassey.  After serving over nine years, Dassey’s conviction was overturned by a federal judge on August 12, 2016.  C|M|LAW Professor Jonathan Witmer-Rich offers his expertise on the legal reasoning behind the judge’s ruling as well as the next steps in Dassey’s case.  

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Administration Michael J. Borden knew very early into his legal career that he would like to become a law professor.  In fact, it became his dream during his very first week of law school.

U.S. Attorney Carole Rendon will be formally sworn in this morning at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Rendon had served as Acting U.S. Attorney for Northern Ohio since February. She was recommended for the permanent position by U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, and was confirmed by the Senate on July 12. 

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As Cleveland-Marshall College of Law mourns the passing of former U.S. Congressman Steven LaTourette ’79, who passed away August 3, the school also honors his legacy to students.

Students from the Civil Litigation Clinic at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law strived for the school’s motto – “Learn Law. Live Justice.” – by earning several successful results during an especially busy Spring 2016 semester.

Leon M. and Gloria Plevin Professor of Law Browne Lewis gave a public Fulbright lecture on physician-assisted suicide at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, Scotland earlier this year. Professor Lewis’ presentation focused on the evolution of the “right to die” movement in the United States. Currently, physician-assisted suicide is legal in California, Montana, Oregon, Vermont and Washington.

By Interim Dean Lee Fisher

Full text of Dean Fisher's OP Ed published on 7/8/2016

When teammates trust each other and anticipate each other’s every pass and dribble, they win an NBA championship, reverse a 52-year professional sports losing streak, and help a city believe in itself again. When the public, private, and nonprofit sectors trust each other and leverage their resources, they can transform a tired downtown block into a vibrant public square in the heart of the city.