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“Regardless of the path we choose, it is important for us to give back. We are agents of change and we must ‘Defend the Land’ for everyone.”

2017 Cleveland-Marshall College of Law graduate Elissa Schooler delivered that message, reshaping the Cleveland Cavaliers playoff slogan to one that focuses on the greater Cleveland community and its underserved citizens, while addressing her fellow classmates at C|M|LAW’s commencement ceremony. 

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law 2017 graduate Brittany Lowe is an academic superstar. The first in her family to graduate college, Lowe takes great pride in her academic achievements and graduates from C|M|LAW as class valedictorian. 

C|M|LAW student Lukas Padegimas presented his law review note, How New York Investors Financed the Looting of Syria, Ukraine, and Iraq: The Need to Increase Civil Liabilities for "Current Possessors" of Stolen Antiquities in the 21st Century, at the 2017 Global Legal Skills Conference at the Facultad Libre Derecho de Moneterrey Mexico in March. Padegimas blogged about his experiences during the trip.

Linda A. Klein, president of the American Bar Association, addressed the 131 members of the graduating Class of 2017 at Cleveland State University Cleveland-Marshall College of Law’s commencement ceremony held at the Ohio Theatre at Playhouse Square.

“Defend The Land” – Cleveland Cavaliers Playoff Slogan

“Regardless of the path we choose, it is important for us to give back. We are agents of change and we must ‘defend the land’ for everyone.”–Elissa Schooler, Class of 2017

“History gives answers only to those who know how to ask questions.” - unknown

As part of our year-long 120th Anniversary celebration, we unveiled our first-ever C|M|Law Trivia Game at our First Annual C|M|Law Legacy Celebration a few weeks ago.

Chris Harrington '12, his dad, and several close friends watched the waning moments of the most improbable NBA Finals in League history from his downtown Cleveland apartment. With two minutes left to play in Game 7 and the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors tied at 89, Harrington, a self-professed diehard Cleveland sports fan, was anxious. The Cavs weren’t just his hometown team anymore. He had recently joined the organization as in-house counsel, a dream job helped made possible by a C|M|LAW professor and mentor who saw great potential in him at the Great Lakes Sports and Entertainment Law Academy.

“The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.” - Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird.

It was the day I decided to learn law and live justice. It was a warm spring day. May 4, 1970. I was a freshman at Oberlin College. A few days earlier, President Richard Nixon had expanded the Vietnam War by invading Cambodia. Anti-war college protests erupted throughout the country.