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Applying Early Decision

If CSU College of Law is your first choice law school, we invite you to apply Early Decision. Applicants applying Early Decision will be notified of their admission decision before other applicants and can begin planning their legal education while others are still waiting. Successful Early Decision applicants will benefit from having secured a seat at CSU|LAW, which allows them to pursue their educational, professional and personal responsibilities without the expense and anxiety associated with the typical law school application process.

Successful Early Decision applicants will be notified of scholarship awards at the time of admission.

By submitting an Early Decision application, applicants are making a binding commitment to attend CSU College of Law if admitted to the law school.

Furthermore, early Decision applicants must agree to the following:

  • Candidates who apply Early Decision to CSU College of Law may not apply for early decision consideration at another law school.
  • Candidates must agree that if admitted to CSU College of Law under Early Decision, they will withdraw their applications from all other law schools.
  • Candidates may not initiate any additional law school applications once notified of Early Decision admission to CSU College of Law.
  • Candidates admitted under Early Decision will not be eligible for deferral unless exceptional circumstances are demonstrated.

Early Decision applicants may be admitted, admitted via the Legal Careers Opportunity Program (LCOP), denied, or held for consideration through the regular rolling admissions process. Applicants who have not been admitted under Early Decision are not bound by this Early Decision agreement. 

Applicants are encouraged to carefully research their law school options before submitting an Early Decision application to CSU College of Law.


Early Decision I

Application Deadline: November 15

Decision Notification: December 15

Seat Deposit Due: December 29

Early Decision II

Application Deadline: January 1

Decision Notification: January 31

Seat Deposit Due: February 14


  1. Complete, certify, and submit an electronic application for admission.
  2. Print, complete, and return an Early Decision Agreement 
  3. Register for the LSAC Credential Assembly Service, which will be the clearinghouse for your LSAT score(s), academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation.
  4. Provide a minimum of two letters of recommendation, which must be submitted through the LSAC Credential Assembly Service.
  5. Take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) or the GRE.

Apply early