Course Descriptions

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  • LAW 581
    (2 Credit Hours)

    Prerequisites: RCC*. This course examines the legal system of the Latin Catholic Church. In addition to an historical overview of the science of canon law, lectures address specific canons of the 1983 Code of Canon Law and selected canonical issues. Subjects to be considered include: structures of governance, general norms of canon law, ecclesiastical rights, ecclesiastical sanctions (criminal law), trial procedures, marriage law, and temporal goods (i.e., property law, contracts, wills, and monetary issues). Satisfies perspective requirement.

  • LAW 665
    (2 or 3 Credit Hours)

    Prerequisites: RCC* The course will cover the growing area of computer crimes. Students will learn about the different types of criminal offenses, which include but are not limited to economic, gambling, child exploitation, and fraud offenses. Further, the student will study the different investigative techniques utilized by the government in curbing such offenses as well as methods of defense explored on behalf of the accused. The student will also be exposed to the various Constitutional provisions contemplated during the processing of a computer crime and/or investigation.

  • LAW 632
    (3 Credit Hours)

    Prerequisites: RCC*. The law relating to actions having elements in more than one jurisdiction; choice of law; enforcement of foreign judgments; jurisdiction of courts in such cases; constitutional questions involved application to contracts, torts, marriage and divorce, family relations, property, and procedure. Offered infrequently.

  • LAW 516
    (5 Credit Hours; 1 or 2 Semesters)

    General principles of the law of the United States Constitution; judicial function in constitutional matters; federal authority, separation of powers and the powers of the states; particular attention to the commerce clause, due process, and equal protection. A grade is entered on the student’s transcript for each term of the course. Required for graduation.

  • LAW 707
    (2 or 3 Credit Hours)

    Prerequisites: RCC*. Discussion of selected current constitutional issues (with consideration given to areas of particular student interest). Information regarding the focus of a particular section of the course will be provided with course schedules. May include preparation of appropriate student research papers, which will satisfy the upper level writing requirement. Interested students should consult the New and Revised Courses information for the term in which the course is offered for information on the focus of the course in that term.

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